People with happy socks are the best people ever, 8 reasons why

We’ve been saying it for a while, but we finally found confirmation. Life is much more cheerful and fun when you wear happy socks. With your happy socks you are a part of the best people ever! After all, life doesn’t need to be taken too seriously, and this goes double for your feet. Fortunately we are not the only ones in the world who think so, we have found 8

People with happy socks are super proud and we love that

There is a reason that these people are always showing off a bit of ankle, these socks deserve to be seen!

Running out of topics of conversation? Just talk about your happy socks!

Running out of topics of conversation? Just talk about your happy socks!

You know what kind of person a person is the moment you see those crazy socks

A fantastic person of course! Often the pictures on the socks say something about the person wearing them.

At least a socks addiction is not harmful to your health

Some people smoke cigarettes and others like to get plastered, but these amazing people just buy happy socks as a giftbox or get a sock subscription. With that they practically help the rest of the world, because it makes everyone happy!

Happy socks people infect others with their addiction

And that’s good for the economy! Money is made to be spent! Because, THAT’s exactly what you wanted to hear when you clicked on this list…

Of course, it’s simply true that these people make our days more fun with their happy socks

You’re sitting on the bus or subway minding your business, you look down (because we don’t feel like making eye contact) and then you see those socks. Great moment!

Oh and by the way? They are totally hip

These days it is totally hip to wear funny or happy socks.

When they come see you they take off their shoes right away, because yeah – they need to show off a bit

And that’s great for you, because at least it won’t be such a mess in your house! I mean you can’t keep on vacuuming…

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