4 reasons why Christmas socks are the best Christmas gift!

You jump out of bed with a big grin, put on your bathrobe and December socks. Walk to the kitchen and pour yourself a drink and have breakfast with a full plate of cookies. Why is it acceptable to have cookies for breakfast? The answer is right behind you, bathing in Christmas lights, long and green, decorated with balls, your beautiful Christmas tree. It’s Christmas time!

Christmas has arrived and it’s your time to play Santa for family members or friends. If you’re having problems on deciding what to put on your Christmas list or under the tree, we have a small, magic product to consider. It’s a pair of happy Christmas socks! Here are 4 reasons why happy December socks are the best Christmas present

They are practical

Socks are not just another Christmas present on the mantle or a box of chocolates that are quickly forgotten after eating them. They are a lasting reminder of that Christmas. Every time your girlfriend or little brother slips on the socks you brought them for Christmas, they do more than just think about the comfort these socks offer. They also think about the early morning race to open the presents, the joy they felt when they saw those cute Decembers socks and perhaps most importantly, they remember you!

It’s warm for Christmas

Have you tried getting into your cozy socks on a winter night and watching a Home alone marathon with a cup of hot chocolate? We can assure you it’s one of the best moments in the world. They make your feet sparkle and feel warm, just like the warmth you feel when your friend hears Mariah Carey singing to the melodies of ‘All I want for Christmas’.

Socks are affordable.

Your Christmas present can make a good impression without having to break the bank. Especially for Christmas we at Sock Sock and putting the Surprisebox on sale for only €19,95. Of course it is also possible to gift new socks for several months with our sock subscription that you can get from as little as €7,95 per month.

Socks are unforgettable.

Every time your friends or relatives wear the Christmas socks you gave them, they will think of you. Socks are truly the gift that keeps on giving. Especially when you give someone a sock subscription as a gift. Suitable for both men’s and women’s socks. You can gift someone as many months as you want!

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