Colored socks and the economy

Why would you want to wear brightly colored socks? In the early years of the turn of the century, the norm was to wear inconspicuous socks: black or dark blue, gray at most and certainly not white. People preferred to wear socks in the same colour as the suit they wore, like gray mice that didn’t add anything to the clothing combination they were wearing. Scientific research shows that in times of recession and crisis, there tends to be somewhat of a decline in fashion. People go back to what is known and choose to wear inconspicuous basic colors. So it’s not surprising that a number of years ago, only conservative colors could be seen when observing the sock landscape. As the Dutch economy picks up, the Dutch are quickly flocking towards happy colored socks.

Cheerful note

Of course it’s also just fun to add a pair of enthusiastically dotted or striped socks to an outfit. Both in business and healthcare everyone is generally dressed fairly uniformly, especially with a standard costume, a colored sock can add a lot of flair. The extra bit of color can make an outfit match with your mood or your character.

For those who can’t decide early in the morning when choosing the outfit of the day, this socks trend also has an added benefit. Nobody is going to bat an eye when you wear two different socks.

Are brightly colored socks still a bridge too far for you? In that case you can always opt for a sock that stands out a little less. Something with a small dash or a small motif for example. Or socks with a nice pattern in less conspicuous colors. If even that proves to be too much, tall shoes may offer a solution. At least your socks can cheer YOU up.

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