Get a Sock & Sock socks subscription

You’re about to subscribe to the nicest  subscription. You’ll have a brand new, unique, freshly designed pair of socks at every point in time from now on. You’ll only have to pick them up from your doormat.

Sock & Sock - Sokken Abonnement - De eend

Advantages of a subscription

Here’s a list of all our promises:

  • Fixed DEPOSIT
    You’ll always pay just €7.95 per month, including shipping.
    Your first pair will be shipped in a week to get you started, and then every first week of the month!
    You can quit whenever.
    You won’t see your socks anywhere else, members only.
    Your feet will be very comfortable, because we only use the best materials.
    You will be happier with our socks, it’s part of the subscription. If you’re not you’ll get your money back immediately!

At Sock & Sock we guarantee to raise a smile

We don’t just provide people with socks, we provide people with a smile. Besides dressing people’s feet in cheerful colours, they also tell a story. Every unique design comes with a text explaining it’s origin. Our subscribers can also order previous socks from our collection. That way you are alway assured of neat and unique socks. Who wouldn’t want that?

Give sock & sock as a gift!

Every year it’s a challenge to come up with nice and original gifts for friends, family and lovers. That’s why we have the possibility to give a socks subscription as a gift. That way you won’t suprise someone once, but montlhy for a period of your choice; three, six, nine or twelve months. During this period, you’ll cheer someone up monthly with a pair of Sock & Sock socks, straight to their home and their heart.