Summer Vibes Sock, September 2018

The Summer Vibes Sock, the one and only Sock & Sock duck enjoyed a well-deserved holiday, just like half of the Dutch population, a holiday that came after a wonderful year in which a lot of people decided to get the best subscription ever. Sock & Sock duck decided to take a couple of weeks off and head to the coast to recover from the insane amount of love the subscribers gave him.

Sock & Sock duck enjoyed the sun, the sea and the sand of the beach. Strolling through that granular decomposition material of rocks and minerals while a pleasant summer breeze was blowing through his feathers. Sock & Sock duck was intensely happy and realized that he wanted to share this ultimate happiness with all subscribers

That’s why Sock & Sock duck decided to transform the beautiful summer colors of his parasol into a brand new Sock & Sock sock, transforming the intense happiness of the Sock & Sock duck into intense happiness for the Sock & Sock subscribers. As the end of summer approaches, these socks will ensure that the summer vibes will be here for a while!

Your own sock subscription

Apart from the “Summer Vibes Sock, September 2018” we have many more designs. In fact, there are many more to come. If you subscribe to Sock & Sock you will receive a unique design every month. Behind each design is a nice story of course, a story that is explained with a nice card that is sent along with each pair. How awesome is that? Each month you will be surprised with a super nice gift! Do you want that smile on your face each month? Get a subscription at Sock & Sock now!

As a subscriber of Sock & Sock you also have the unique option to order older designs!

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Do you love the fantastic designs of Sock & Sock too? What do you think of our “The Cold light Sock, August 2018” for example? How nice would it be if you could give an original gift such as a Sock & Sock subscription to a friend? Well, you can! Click here to surprise a friend with the socks of Sock & Sock!

Sock&Sock Zomerkriebels, September 2018