Copacabana Sock, February 2019

Copacabana sock, Imagine yourself on the beach of Rio de Janeiro. You just took a dip in the azure waters and now slowly let the waterdrops dissolve from your body thanks to the bright sun. You decided to stroll alongside the beach with the sun still on you. With every step you take you feel the sand tickle between your toes. Your feet are still wet from the Atlantic water, ensuring that the sand sticks to your toes. You walk towards the dock because you feel like ice cream. You knock the sand off your feet and walk over the world-famous Copacabana tiles, towards the first stall you encounter. Here you buy a coconut to go along with your ice cream. Just like that. Because you feel like it.

During this cold and dark winter, you could use some warmth and relaxation. With this brand-new Copacabana sock, you’ll feel like you’re in the always sunny Brazil. This means you’ll get through these days with playful ease and tons of happiness. Enjoy these summer tiles on your wintery feet!

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Sock&Sock Copacabana, Februari 2019