Evening red, Sock of August 2019

Every day feels like another party when the sun arrives at the horizon. You can enjoy the heat of every sunbeam, treat yourself with the beloved sunrays and let your socks out to shine as hard as the sun itself! Unfortunately for us the sun hides itself behind the horizon on a daily basis. When the sky is crystal clear we can enjoy the sun for one other beautiful moment. His last action of the day is to entertain us one more time by showing a loving and memorable Evening red at the horizon. According to the old saying, this color palette in the sky is a harbinger of another beautiful new day.

It is our pleasure to share you this promising harbinger on a daily basis by providing you with your personal sunset with Evening red. Just like the sun our Evening red socks offer you the guideline of your day. In our opinion a day starts from the moment you put your socks on and ends by taking your socks off with an exceptional satisfying feeling. From the moment you put on your personal Evening red you’re assured of a beautiful new day.

Enjoy your personal Evening red on a brand new colorful day!

Your personal sock subscription

Besides our ‘Evening red sock’ of August 2019 we have a ton of other colorful and unique designs. Even better, we will release a lot more, new and unique socks in the future. If you decide to subscribe for Sock & Sock you’ll receive new unique designed socks every month. We promise you that every sock will have a personal and cheerful story, matching the design, which will be added to the package on a funny postcard. What’s not to like about this subscription, receivinga brand new surprise every month. If you want a smile on your face every month,subscribe now!

Another advantage of this subscription is the fact that you’re allowed to reorder old designs!

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Are you also baffled about our unique designed socks? What’s your opinion aboutour ‘Evening red’ sock of August 2019? How nice would it be to gift someone a Sock & Sock subscription? Click here to surprise someone with socks of Sock & Sock.

Sock&Sock Avondrood, Augustus 2019
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