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Gekleurde chaos, Sok Februari 2020

Colored chaos, Sock February 2020

Colored chaos, to put it mildly we’re living in a hectic period. From self-driving cars to self-learning computers and from an earth that is heating up to political relations that are cooling considerably. Technological developments are happening at a furious pace and political tensions sometimes run high. Knowledge we gain today will be obsolete tomorrow …

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Sock & Sock - Raketsok - Moonshot

Moonshot, Sock January 2020

Moonshot, in 2019, it was 50 years since we reached the moon. It seemed unthinkable that this would ever happen for a long time, but in 1969 Neil Armstrong made the impossible possible by being the first human to set foot on the moon. Just like that there are many more things that still seem …

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Bee Sock, November 2019

We hope you’ll bee happy with these socks. Just know that you are a very special bee-ing Your own sock subscription Apart from the “Bee Sock, November 2019” we have many more designs. In fact, there are many more to come. If you subscribe to Sock & Sock you will receive a unique design every …

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Sock & Sock - Ananas

Purple Piña, Sock September 2019

Purple Piña, the summer vacation is almost over for most people and the majority of us are going back to our normal lives. Fortunately, these socks will help you to make these difficult times much more bearable. These exotic and extravagant pineapple socks are perfect for an after-summer sensation. The nutrients and vitamin C in …

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Sock&Sock Avondrood, Augustus 2019

Evening Red, Sock August 2019

Every day it’s another party when the sun reappears in the sky. All day long you can enjoy the warm rays of the sun, show yourself some love and let your socks shine as bright as the sun! Right up until that moment that hides behind the horizon again. When you have a beautiful clear …

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Sock&Sock CHILLPAD, JULI 2019

Chillurtle, Sock July 2019

Chillurtle. How chill would the world be if everyone were a turtle? Everyone would mind their own business, enjoy life to the fullest and end up doing what they feel like doing. Everybody gets really old and only grows up after several decades, how chill is that?! No one would go towards cold areas anymore …

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Sock&Sock Sailor Duck, Mei 2019

Sailor Duck Sock, May 2019

Sailor Duck Sock, of course everyone knows the famous sailor look with the iconic blue and white stripes that can seemingly be found in every wardrobe these days. However, these were originally particularly useful for distinguishing a sailor from the high waves when they had fallen overboard into the water. Perhaps even more iconic is …

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