Sock gifts

Are you still looking for a suitable gift? The socks from Sock & Sock are something that you can gift on every occasion, whether it’s for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or a birthday. If you think that socks as a gift are out of style, you are wrong – socks are cool.

Socks tell the whole story

Are you still unsure about the right gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend? Does the person you are shopping for loves music, unicorns, a unique hobby or a specific sports team? A pair of socks exists for almost every occasion, mood or interest. A socks gift with a unique theme each month shows that you care about him or her … and that you’ve listened to what the person wants.

Always fits

Have you wanted to give an item of clothing as a gift the last few years but simply didn’t know the size? This tends to happen when buying a shirt, pants, or jacket. The benefit of sock gifts is that they always fit! At Sock Sock we made the size of our unique socks in such a way that they fit everyone – that’s good thinking.

Happy socks are fun

And you’re the one the person thinks of when he or she takes off his or her happy socks with a smile. Putting on a pair of special socks with a story behind is like a hug that starts at your feet. And you want everyone to have that as a present don’t you?

Several months in one Gift

When you buy socks as a gift with a subscription, you will receive a coupon that is good for a subscription of your chosen duration, varying from a few months to a year. You can add a personal message to the coupon to add your own personal touch to the gift. On the coupon, all instructions are clearly displayed that tell the lucky recipient how they can redeem his/her subscription. It’s great, you get one gift, but you’ll be receiving gifts for months!

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