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The finest materials in combination with the prettiest colours. Lovely for your feet, even better for your eyes!

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Man, woman, big feet or small feet? The socks of Sock & Sock are for everyone! If it doesn’t fit or you don’t like it you’ll get your money back immediately!

Curious about our socks yet?

All our designs from Sock & Sock did not just come out of thin air. Behind all the socks there is a unique story that gave rise to their cheerful print. Are you curious about our unique collection (and the accompanying stories) that we have developed from the beginning (January 2018) until now? View them via the links below. Have fun reading!

Have our socks been able to conquer your heart yet?

After seeing all these fantastic socks and reading the accompanying stories, we understand that you want to complete your wardrobe with the colourful collection of Sock & Sock. Every month a unique design on the doormat, how cool is that?

All Sock & Sock subscribers also enjoy extra benefits! You have the option to order designs from previous collections. So if you’ve come across some awesome socks on this page that have won your heart, you can order them when you’ve subscribed to our shop page.

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