Frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions of Sock & Sock

Do you have questions about our subscription, our socks or our service? In our FAQ you can find almost every answer! Is your question not listed? Then contact us!

If you decide yourself it’s not a surprise anymore, right? And what’s better than a surprise? You won’t know what pair of socks you will get, but we can reveal one thing already: you’ll look good in them!

No, we just offer one size of socks. But don’t you worry, they fit well to sizes 37 to 46. If you’re having doubt, just try ordering some. If they don’t fit or suit you we will get you a refund immediately.

The socks consist of 80% cotton, 15% polyester and 5% spandex. This makes the socks very soft, but at the same time nice and stretchy!

So you want to make someone extremely happy and awesome? Of course! That’s what we stand for! You can choose how many months you want to give, so you do not need to quit the subscription yourself. How handy!? Just make sure you send the socks to another address on the checkout page. You can also include a nice message in the comments page. You’re an awesome friend!

We always ship the socks in the first week of the month. So if you subscribed before the end of the month, you will receive the socks in the first week of the month thereafter (so ordered in June, means delivered in July). From that moment onwards the party goes on until you unsubscribe!

No, they just fit through your mailbox. Of course we highly recommend to be home the entire first week of the month to be sure you can put them on immediately:)

Oops, something has gone wrong.. Sometimes shipping takes a little longer, but if it takes more than 5 days extra, please check your address again, and send us an email. You will receive a new pair immediately so that you can shine again!

If you don’t like the socks, that’s  no problem. Just send us a message and you will get a full refund. Of course, our socks need to bring happiness!

It’s possible to unsubscribe anytime. Just go to your account and press Cancel. From now on you won’t receive the socks anymore. You can also resubscribe at this page, if you ran out of socks again!

For all other questions, remarks or love issues, just send us an email!