Who's Sock & Sock?

First a quick word about us, we’re Bas, Bob & Maurice. We are three friends who love a crazy and challenging life full with colour. While we were driving an electric motorcycle around the world that we designed and built with some friends we came up with the fantastic idea of designing cheerful socks. We love cheerfulness in combination with a lot of humour and we try to share this with all our subscribers. On this page they could read more about us.

When we started getting into socks we found out that there is a lack of nice designs, and that real nice designs are often expensive. Because of that we started designing our own socks and found a partner that’s just as passionate about manufacturing socks as we are about designing and sharing them.

What exactly is sock & Sock?

Sock & Sock originated from the perfect combination of various skills and an urge for awesomeness. This resulted in the fact that we started designing our own socks. Getting compliments about our socks felt so great that we decided to share these socks with you! It is our mission to create happiness to as many people as possible with our colorful and cheerful socks.

With our unique socks subscription we will make sure that you will be totally happy! Every month the coolest designs on your doorstep. Never miss out on socks again. No more boring socks. And no more shopping to buy socks! We take care of everything so that every day you can be exceptional!

Each sock has a unique story that gave rise to the design. You can also find it on our socks page. Are you totally in love with one of our older designs? We got you covered, if you’re a subscriber you have the possibility to reorder them as well.

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