5 ways to wear funny socks

For many of us, socks are the most fun and important part of our outfit of the outfit, why? Because you can distinguish yourself with your socks. Especially men tend to wear the same thing. A sweater, dress shirt, t-shirt and jeans… So what’s left? Right, your socks! Sock & Sock has the ideal funny socks for any activity throughout the day. We’re talking a date, a wedding or just a day spent at home on the couch.

fancy clothing vs. colorful socks

In fact, we all know that the fancier the clothes, the more monotonous they tend to get. A suit is often black or dark blue, the only way to distinguish oneself is through the details. Many think of the bow tie or tie, but think about socks too! Make sure you stand out with cheerful, colorful socks that nets your outfit just that little bit of extra attention. Going with a group? Then make sure you stand out as a group by standing out with your funny socks.

At home on the couch

You don’t only wear funny socks when going outside. The days are getting darker, shorter, and colder, giving you that depressing feeling almost instantaneously. The thought of having to go outside and brave those strong winds really makes us feel like staying home. Why not make it a part at home? Look for a good TV show, make sure that you have plenty of snacks and drinks, wear comfortable clothes and finish it off with a pair of perfectly fitting colorful socks. Even during this time of the year you should get a smile on your face when you are indoors and looking at your socks.

A day out on the town

We all know those days where you walk through the city the entire day, going from store to store, walk through one of the (sparse) beautiful nature reserves, visit an amusement park or do something more active. Logical conclusion, at the end of the day we are all tired. Still, the day itself doesn’t have to be tiring, let your funny socks put a smile on your face! Whether it’s in the fitting room of yet another store or as you take a rest during the long walks. Our fun and comfortable socks will keep you company all day long.

Boost your self-confidence on your first date

I’m sure we’ve all been through it before, a first date. What are you going to wear? Naturally you are going to wear the most attractive outfit you have which gives you just that little bit of extra confidence. Why should your outfit stop at only the visible items? Make sure your socks (mis)match your outfit or date. With our colorful socks there is a design for every outfit that complements your look. Go for a matching color or be bold and select the opposite.

Exercise and socks

We consider this to be a perfect match too. Whether you are getting exercise yourself or attend a sporting event as a rabid support. Make sure that the socks ‘match’ the occasion. Especially in team sports you often see a complete outfit (in club colors). How great would it be to distinguish yourself with your socks? Is golf too old-fashioned? Not at all, with our trendy socks you are going to steal the show. Even when supporting your favorite team, we have the perfect addition. Make sure your socks match your club colors or those of the rival.

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