Sailor Duck Sock, May 2019

Sailor Duck Sock, of course everyone knows the famous sailor look with the iconic blue and white stripes that can seemingly be found in every wardrobe these days. However, these were originally particularly useful for distinguishing a sailor from the high waves when they had fallen overboard into the water. Perhaps even more iconic is the sailor’s tattoo. The anchor on the upper arm showed that you were an experienced sailor and had already successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean at least once.

As a subscriber you also want to stand out among the high waves, but perhaps you don’t feel like crossing the Atlantic Ocean to do so. To make this look accessible anyway, we’ve translated it into a pair of glorious socks, the “Sailor Duck”, which combined with the one-and-only Sock & Sock tattoo will turn you into a widely celebrated sailor, even just for a while. And don’t worry, the tattoo is only temporary, but the socks you can wear for life!

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