Cold Light Sock, August 2018

It’s winter. It’s night. A fresh north wind blows against your face and your nose feels like it is about to freeze. You carefully take a step in the snow towards the pole star. You can hardly see in front of you in the dark. But yet you are still able to make out something. This night is only illuminated by the colorful aurora, both the one in the sky and the one at your feet.

Fragments of the sun are swept away by a solar wind and begin a journey of 150 million kilometers. After a long voyage, the particles scatter across our cold planet. Because of the magnetic field, the particles collide with the upper kilometers of the atmosphere at astronomical speeds. The energy released during the collision creates the aurora. This is a magical phenomenon that is primarily visible in the coldest parts of the earth, but still warms the soul.

I’m sure you could use such a magical winter night with the extreme summer we have, but that doesn’t quite fit into an envelope. That’s why we’ll send you the freshest sock we could think of instead. Imagine yourself in the cold north with this cool Cold light Sock. And if that doesn’t help, we’ve sent along an ice cube just to be sure! We hope it hasn’t melted yet.

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