Socks subscription is becoming more and more popular

Subscriptions are becoming more and more popular in the Netherlands; it provides a bit of convenience and you don’t have to remember to buy socks. Moreover, more and more subscriptions can be cancelled that day, which clearly lowers the threshold for the consumer. Why not take out a subscription if the product is to your liking? Exactly, that’s why you subscribe to Sock & Sock in order to get the coolest socks available!

No more thinking about buying socks ever, that would be ideal… That’s possible with our socks subscription! All Sock & Sock socks are exclusively available at Sock & Sock. Every month we come up with a unique and new design with a nice story about how this particular sock came about. Everyone who has taken out a Sock & Sock sock subscription is therefore assured of unique socks that you can show off to your friends!

Why should you get a socks subscription?

We would like to show everyone how cool socks are these days! For years, socks were almost a completely forgotten garment, they were almost invisible, and people paid little attention to them. The last few years this has changed completely, they are now the ”eyecatchers” of your outfit. When you take off your shoes or curl up your pants, you want to show off a pair of flashy socks right? We see this happening more and more often, especially in places where you wouldn’t expect it before. For example, in the notary’s office, in hospitals, or in legal professions, you see more and more happy socks being worn under a suit.

A smile on your face each month

Sock & Sock wants to contribute by adding some color to your life! By putting a nice pair of socks on your doormat each month. Everything with a wink and a smile, that way we bring some extra humor into everyone’s daily life.

Are you curious about the socks offered by Sock & Sock? Start your subscription today and be surprised with the best designs each month.

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