Need a Christmas or New Year gift? Happy socks!

A pair of cool socks has been one of the most practical, affordable and traditional christmas or new year gift for decades (just ask your grandmother!). We’re not sure exactly where and when this gift idea originated, but we do know that today socks are still one of the most popular gifts on earth!

Sock love

Everyone loves socks, and especially happy socks! Whatever their purpose, from foot protection to decoration, they play a vital role in our clothing. And don’t fall for “socks is a boring gift” line either. Good quality socks with crazy patterns and happy colors are anything but boring! And if you don’t buy them for that best friend of yours, who will?

Gift box ideal for Christmas

At Sock & Sock we have a gift box of happy socks on offer this month. Three pairs of different beautiful socks from last year. In addition, a coupon that the recipient can exchange for one month of free socks when taking out a monthly subscription! A perfect Christmas or New Year gift for someone who could still use some nice socks!

New Year’s Gift

The start of a new year is the perfect opportunity to shake up your life. The month of January is a good time to look at your hobbies and habits and set new goals to make you happier and healthier. At Sock & Sock we believe that New Year’s resolutions should be as fun and funky as your sock collection! In 2020, will you set the bar as high as you want, achieve personal goals or travel around the world twice? Totally up to you! But if those are your goals, achieve them in style and fun with a pair of cool socks … Make 2020 the best and happiest year ever!

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