How your happy socks can help you stand out on Instagram

Are you planning on putting your new happy socks on Instagram next month? Cool. Don’t start just yet, we’ve got a couple of style hacks to make sure your amazing Sock & Sock socks get the attention they deserve!

Exposure, it’s all about the light baby!

The fact that you are rocking with totally sockawesomeness and have rolled up your pants leg doesn’t mean that you are ready for THE picture just yet. Make sure to get some light yo! Those happy socks needs to POP! You know the saying, it starts with a canvas (or something, don’t blame us we’re not painters), just making sure you get good lighting so those Clarendon, Juno and Gingham filters can truly help you stand out.

Be aware of your surroundings

One thing is for sure, those Sailor Duck socks are going to make you stand out, but the dirty underwear on your floor? Not so much. When it comes to your surroundings, the devil is often in the details. Make sure to pull your happy socks up and get any clutter out of your shot (at the bare minimum). The result is that your awesome socks are going to get all the attentions and you won’t be judged by your messy habits by trolls.

Rock the hash

If you think we’re talking about the hash that most people associate with Amsterdam, just stop reading here. The recommended number of hashtags for an Instagram message are between 10 and 12 and you’re gonna have to be a bit more creative than #socks. Add some personality to your hashtags. Do you feel #awesome? You didn’t choose the #socklife but the #socklife chose you? Did you just get awesome #newsocks from your #socksubscription (or #sockscription if you fancy). That is #thelife and #showyoursocks. Make sure to tag #socksock because we want to make sure to feature our favorite happy sock wearers on our own Instagram account. Becoming world famous with your #happysocks is within reach! Share your #socklove with the world!

Sock&Sock Lentebloesem, April 2019