From Sok & Sok to Sock & Sock

There is no lack of ambition at Sock & Sock. Our dream is to go international and that is why we changed our company name from Sok & Sok (Dutch word for sock) to the English translation, Sock & Sock. This allows us to spread our happiness guarantee beyond our national borders.

The origins of Sok & Sok

We started Sok & Sok at the start of 2018. Why? Because we are convinced that life doesn’t have to be taken too seriously. Because our feet don’t need to be taken seriously at all we decided to design socks that match what we stand for exactly: challenging, colorful and always with a wink and a smile. And we still try to share this combination of cheerfulness and lots of humor with all our fantastic subscribers every month.

Sock & Sock going international

Even though there are still many feet within the Netherlands that aren’t wearing our amazing happy socks yet, we still want to keep looking ahead. And by that we mean other countries. We think everyone in this world could use a happiness guarantee and we want to be the one to offer it. Wouldn’t it be great if you were literally on the other side of the world but saw people wearing the same great socks? It would right?

The birth of Sock & Sock

September 6, 2019 is THE big day. Sock & Sock is ready to conquer the international market and that is why we changed our name. Everyone who has a basic understanding of the English language will understand our new company name. It can’t get any more international than Sock & Sock, that is why we chose this name.

The first international steps

Our neighboring countries are the first to receive our happiness guarantee. Sock & Sock first welcomed Belgium and Germany to the family. We are also happy to see that our socks have touched down on German and Belgian soil. The next step is to gradually move towards the Scandinavian part of Europe with our happiness guarantee – starting with Denmark.