Do you wear funny and/or crazy socks?

We’ve already read it in several places ‘people who wear crazy socks are smarter, more successful and revolutionary than others.’ That is something we can agree on. As the wearers of Sock Sock, socks with happy colors, you are showing the world that you will not conform to a standard that society places on you. You don’t have to take life too seriously.  You are not afraid to show yourself to the world and by doing so you already distinguish yourself from other sock wearers! Together we start a funny and colorful revolution against the boring gray and black socks!


Did you know that there are several benefits to wearing crazy socks? Colorful socks are a good icebreaker in order to connect with others. It catches the eye and people often start a conversation because of it. Another advantage is that you show yourself to be a creative person with guts. This makes it easier to break the rules because you aren’t afraid to think outside the box, both with your head and with your feet!

Conscious but inconspicuous

Did you know that happy socks can affect your mood during the day? Because of this, funny socks can already help you to be braver and more creative. Happy socks are the perfect way to subtly show off just that little bit more daring. Anat Keinan of Harvard University even says, ‘If it looks thoughtful, it gives the impression that someone has a high status and radiates a certain level of ability.’


Finally, in our daily lives a first impression often counts, and you can only make it once. With socks in happy colors it is easy to connect with other unique sock wearers. We encourage you to put on something different than usual, of course it all starts with happy socks!

Socksock - Gekke sokken