Who's Sock & Sock?

First a quick word about us, we’re Bas, Bob & Maurice and we founded Sock & Sock early 2018. We’re three friends from school who love a crazy and colourful that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. As we believe our feet doesn’t to be taken seriously either, we decided to design socks that entirely match the things we stand for: challenging, colourful and always with a smile. And up to this day we still try to combine cheerfulness with a lot of humour and share that with all our lovely subscribers.

With our unique sock subscription, we will make sure that you will be totally happy! Every month the coolest designs on your doorstep. Never miss out on socks again. No more boring socks. And no more shopping to buy socks! We take care of everything so that every day you can be exceptional!

Every sock that arrives at your place tells a story. We aim to bring a smile to your face from the moment the famous blue bag enters your house that never fades away. We believe that the small things in life such as a sock surprise can brightenup your life and it’s our mission to share this with as much people as possible.


We try to put all our creativity and awesomeness into designing our socks. We get inspired by everything we see and attempt to continuously translate this into socks that make you happy. As soon as we’re all entirely convinced about a sock design, we send it to our friend Tarik. We’ve chosen his factory in Turkey carefully since he takes great care of his employees, is very supportive towards us and above all, produces our socks with the greatest love and precision we could wish for. As soon as he receives our designs, he makes a few sample socks and if that’s all good they go into production.


After our socks have been produced, they obviously must get to your place too. This is what the amazing people at LunetCare take care of. It’s a place where people work that cannot perform a normal job, but are still extremely motivated to contribute to society. At LunetCare, they get the chance to do so and develop themselves in a very pleasant environment. They also make sure your socks are packed and arrive at the right place at the right time. We are truly happy with this unique cooperation and we get energized every time again by their dedication, joy ánd quality with which they perform their work.